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Commercial Property Management

Successful commercial property management requires tailor-made services to ensure long-term profitability. At REMI we generate individual management plans for each of our managed commercial properties in order to represent our client’s best interests.

Our management portfolio includes strip malls, retail centres, offices and industrial buildings and they are vital investments for our clients. We pro-actively manage our buildings and constantly look for ways to trim costs and increase revenue streams using strategies such as energy audits, space optimization and signage income.

Our managers are experienced in lease negotiation, and a lease signed today will continue to be favourable over the lifetime of the contract. They take ownership of our client’s commercial buildings by constantly refining their marketing strategies, enhancing tenant relationships, fine-tuning maintenance schedules, regularly assessing market intelligence and continuing to build strong professional local networks.

If you would like to find out how our commercial property services can benefit you, please get in touch or send an email with details of your requirements.