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Strata Property Management

We are specialists in the management of condominium buildings of commercial and residential strata corporations. All of our managers are licensed, insured, and familiar with the Strata Property Act, regulations and its applications and we work closely with Strata Councils and owners to help them make informed decisions that will preserve the value of their assets.

Our managers make regular site visits and we deal with all emergency calls directly rather than relying on a third party contractor. Transparency is also important to us and we provide itemized monthly management reports so that our clients can easily keep track of their costs and financial statements.

Commercial Strata

Without access to specialist commercial strata expertise, property owners run the risk of mis-management or worse. As well as a full understanding of marketing, operations, finance, and capital improvement, properly qualified managers need to be familiar with land zoning, the Strata Property Act and regulations.

We have achieved the professional standards required to become accredited under the Commercial Division of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. Our clients trust us because we have a proven track record and can provide a range of value-added services.

REMI not only deals with day-to-day issues, we provide substantial guidance to our clients on managing their financial affairs and how best to develop the business plan for their industrial, office or retail space. As a leader in commercial strata management, our clients know we have the experience and expertise to promote and protect their best interests.

Residential Strata

Although condominium living offers convenience to owners and investors, dealing with maintenance, fee collection, accounting, administration, etc can be time consuming. With our expertise and commitment to building relationships based on trust, our clients no longer have to worry about day-to-day administrative details.

To learn more about our commercial and residential strata management services, please send us an email with details of your requirements.