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What we do is part of our name. REMI comes from Real Estate Management and Investment. For over 12 years we have been a trusted property management firm in Greater Vancouver that prides itself on multidisciplinary expertise, personalized service, high-tech solutions, and data analysis.
Our dedicated team handles every detail of your portfolio, from cost optimization and pricing to finding tenants and writing leases. We make professional property management easy with our proactive approach and unique technology platform.



High standards of service and ethical practices are our top priorities. We adhere to the Professional Code of Ethics and Business Practices of the Real Estate Board and are members of the:

All REMI managers are licensed under the Real Estate Act of British Columbia. We aim to make your property management experience easy and pain-free. We go the extra mile to ensure you receive the best service possible.

Our Team


Wayne Cau

President & Managing Broker

Wayne Cau

Prior to founding REMI, Wayne had spent 20 years working in all facets of the real estate industry. Wayne own value on integrity and honesty has been passed into the REMI culture. He often under promise and over deliver, and his clients trust him for unbiased and honest advice. Wayne has developed a passion for commercial properties and can always find solutions for challenging issues.

604-530 9944 ext. 204


Parisa Tong

Vice President

Parisa Tong

Parisa has worked with some of the finest hotels in the world before she co-founded REMI in 2007. She brings the same five-star standards to the business and is responsible for ensuring the managers receive unparalleled support from administration, accounting, and technology departments. Parisa strives to provide exceptional customer experience. Parisa also has a Bachelor’s Degree from Bournemouth University in UK and a Professional Diploma in Public Relations from UC Berkeley.

604-530-9944 ext. 205


Heath Purssey

Director of Operations

Heath Purssey

With over 20 years experience in real estate as a Facilities Manager, Property Manager, and Strata Manager, Heath is often commanded by clients for his thoroughness and kindness. He leads our team of strata managers to ensure our high standard of excellence is met for every client. In his spare time, Heath enjoys photography and hiking with his wife.

604-530-9944 ext. 209


Elton Wat

Director of New Development

Elton Wat

With a decade of experience in strata property management, Elton is a highly organized manager and known for his attention to detail. Elton works with our team of Strata Managers to facilitate new projects and ensuring new home owners have positive experiences.

604-530-9944 ext. 203


Abduol Said

Senior Strata Manager

Abduol Said

Abduol has more than five years of experience in the property management. Coming from the hospitality industry, attention to details and high levels of customer service are ingrained in him today. Abdoul is know to do whatever it takes to provide the best solutions for his clients. Strata Councils and property owners are always impressed with Abduol’s quick response and diplomatic demeanour.

604-530-9944 ext. 215


Michael Chess

Senior Property Manager

Michael Chess

Michael brings over 20 years experience in property management. He is known as a reliable and dedicated manager, who is always keen to help his clients in any way he can. Michael also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from Simon Fraser University.

604-530-9944 ext. 212


Joseph Rogers

Strata Manager

Joseph Rogers

Joe is a committed manager who always handles issues diligently. With 8 years of experience in strata management, Joe also has a BA in History from Simon Fraser University and attended the Accelerated Computer Systems Management Program at Capilano College. Joe is a model railroad enthusiast and has an interest in ship histories, particularly those of BC Coastal Towboats. His many sports interests include lacrosse, hockey, and football and he was a founder of the Richmond Outlaws (now Burnaby Lakers) franchise in the Western Lacrosse Association.

604-530-9944 ext. 214


Maxcyne Dias

Strata Manager

Maxcyne Dias

A seasoned strata manager with over 15 years of real estate experience under her belt, one of Maxcyne’s biggest strengths is her diplomatic demeanour and how she really gets to know her clients well so she can help them solve their problems. Maxcyne has obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from the UK.

604-530-9944 ext. 207


Strata Manager

Nikolay Lebedev

Nikolay has been in the property management industry for seven years. He takes full advantage of residential management experience to provide hands-on and knowledgeable service for each resident. Nikolay is personable, friendly, and always willing to listen to owners’ concerns. He has outstanding and effective time management skills and always goes the extra mile to provide quality services. In his free time Nikolay enjoys hiking and traveling.

604-530-9944 ext. 301


Strata Manager

Kenny Colosie

Kenny brings over 3 years of solid experience in property management to our team. He is a hardworking strata manager for the REMI team. He is currently also taking courses at UBC and is never afraid of challenges and can take on any unexpected challenge with creativity and professionalism.

604-530-9944 ext. 211


Marlina Escasinas, CPA, CGA

Financial Controller

Marlina Escasinas, CPA, CGA

Prior to joining REMI, Marlina spent over 20 years in finance and office administration, and carries a Chartered Professional Accountant designation. Outside of work, Marlina considers herself as a blessed “Granny” of five lovely grand kids. She enjoys playing tennis, table tennis, and going for walks to get a little exercise and fresh air. Her favorite quote is by Bil Keane: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that is why it is called the present.”

604-530-9944 ext. 202


Leeanne McNeill

Manager, New Development and Technology

Leeanne McNeill

Leeanne joined REMI in 2012 and brings unique insights of the property management industry. As a trained bookkeeper, Leeanne has a thorough understanding of full cycle accounting. She is now part of the new projects team to ensure transition from developer to REMI is seamless. Leeanne also has a keen interest in learning and implementing cutting-edge technologies. When she isn’t working Leeanne enjoys spending time with her children, family and friends enjoying many aspects of the outdoors. Whether it be camping, hiking, bike riding or taking her dog for a walk.

604-530-9944 ext. 216


Jennifer Lu, CPA

Senior Accountant

Jennifer Lu, CPA

Jennifer brings four years of experience, and has specific expertise in all aspects of property management accounting. Jennifer is a Chartered Professional Accountant and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Trinity Western University. When she is not looking at financial statements, she enjoys yoga and visiting parks with her family.

604-530-9944 ext. 210


Loralee Alexander

Executive Assistant

Loralee Alexander

Our team wouldn’t be complete without Loralee. She joined our stellar team in 2013 and has proven to be an outstandingly competent executive assistant with exceptional attention to detail. Professionally trained in office administration, Loralee has over 20 years of experience in her industry.

604-530-9944 ext. 208


Corina Paterson

Executive Assistant

Corina Paterson

Originally trained as a legal secretary, Corina has over 20 years experience in legal and business administration. She is approachable, friendly, and quick to respond to clients’ requests. She is proud of her New Zealand roots, and enjoys sun, sand, and surf.

604-530-9944 ext. 201


Tiffanie Gao

Marketing Assistant

Tiffanie Gao

Tiffanie graduated from the University of Waterloo, and brings her insights in social media and other aspects of marketing to our incredible team at REMI. Outside of the office, Tiffanie enjoys travelling, concerts, and spending time with friends and her black lab, Oscar.

604-530-9944 ext. 206





You can expect a customized experience, quality service, and the individual attention you deserve, no matter the size of your property. Our clients rely on us to provide unbiased and honest opinions and we value integrity and honesty. We work hard to earn and keep your trust and respect through tailored services, industry expertise, and technological tools that make strata ownership stress-free and successful.


Our management team has extensive experience in strata and property management. We understand the challenges and concerns of maintaining profitable properties, so we’ve developed management strategies and technology to help you reduce expenses and resolve problems quickly.


We continually optimize asset performance through budget controlto maximize revenue for your commercial and rental properties. We treat your properties as if they are our own and scrutinize every expense that comes out of our trust accounts.


Our clients get access to our exclusive, cutting-edge technology to make your life easier. You get instant access to documents and account statements via our online portal whenever and wherever you need them.


Our managers answer the phone 24/7 and respond to emergency calls without delay. The success of our business is based on integrity and personalized service, because we go above and beyond for every client.


We don’t aim for mediocre or average. For REMI, going above and beyond is our standard! We take the time to truly understand your property needs, challenges, and goals then recommend the best ways to make property management affordable, easy, and profitable for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provide personal, individualized service to all our clients.


Our personal approach combined with our strata management and investor technology allows us to be 100% transparent for our clients.

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